Fitting Process

In order to give you a functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing prosthesis there are a few steps that must be followed. These steps are specific to new amputeeā€™s and are not specific.

Initial Consultation with ProsthetistStep 1: Initial Consultation with Prosthetist

The prosthetist will evaluated the residual limb and get to know you a bit, the patient better – understanding what you like to do, what occupation you do, your activity level and what your expectations of the prostheses is.

Get the Residual Limb (Stump) Shape CorrectStep 2: Get the Residual Limb (Stump) Shape Correct

This requires the use of a stump shrinker sock or compression bandages. The purpose of this is to displace any excess fluid that has built up in the residual limb and creating a conical shaped residual limb (The remainder of your limb should be smaller at the end than at the top) paving the way for measurements and building of a test socket.

Casting of Residual LimbStep 3: Casting of Residual Limb

Plaster-of-Paris bandages are used to take a cast or mould of your residual limb. This enables the prosthetist to have the shape and anatomy of your residual limb to make a prostheses. Our practice also use the Modular Socket System from Ossur – in some cases.

Initial Fitting & Test SocketStep 4: Initial Fitting & Test Socket

A test or trail socket is fitted to evaluate the fit of the prosthetic socket. These sockets are made from a heat moldable (Thermo) plastic that is clear so that the prosthetist can evaluate fit & interface between your limb & the socket.

Final ProsthesisStep 5: Final Prosthesis

Once the test socket has been adjusted to be comfortable and correctly aligned, a finalized prosthetic socket can be made from the test socket. Final sockets are generally made from either a glass or carbon fiber.

Gait TrainingStep 6: Gait Training

This is the process of teaching you how to use your prostheses and is as important as a correct fitting and designed prostheses. Using your prostheses correctly & effectively is off great importance and can be thought.

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