Prosthetic FAQ’s

1. How soon after an amputation can I get a prostheses?

The first step after your amputation is for the wound, where your limb was amputated, to heal. This normally takes 4-6 weeks, but depends on the following factors:

  • Cause of amputation
  • Wound healing
  • Level of amputation (Where you where amputated)
  • Amount of swelling present on the far end of the residual limb and quickly the swelling reduce
  • Level of amputee’s motivation.

Once your surgeon feels that the residual limb (The remainder of the limb that was amputated) is successfully managed and healed they will refer you onto a prosthetist for prosthetic management.

In most cases a prostheses will be fitted 6-9 weeks after amputation.

2. Does it hurt wearing a prostheses?

No. A correct fitting prostheses should be very comfortable and you should be pain free when using it.

My skill as a prosthetist lies in creating an interface between the prosthetic components your body that is comfortable and optimally functional.

3. How do I know what prosthetic components would suit me best?

As a prosthetist it is important to get to know you the patient well. I would like to understand your daily living activities, recreational activities and aspirations.

Combining your needs and the clinical presentation we can decide together what prosthetic components would best be suited for you!

4. How much does a prosthesis cost?

When looking at the cost of a prosthesis I recommend looking at the cost on the basis of per item cost.

Prosthetics consist generally out of 2 parts:

1. The Socket – This is the interface between you and the prosthetic components generally made from carbon fiber. This cost is generally fixed.

2. The Components – Depending on what your requirements are (Weight, Daily Living Activities, Sport) the components will differ. Components are knee’s, feet, adapters, silicon liners etc. The cost pertaining to components vary greatly.

Prosthesis therefore vary greatly in cost.

This said estimated figures for prostheses are as follow:

  • Below Knee- R20 000 – R45 000 component depended
  • Above Knee- R35 000 – R145 000 component depended
  • Hand prostheses- R8 000 – R15 000 component depended
  • Below Elbow- R20 000 – R45 000 component depended
  • Above Elbow- R 30 000 – R 55 000 component depended
  • Myoelectric Arms – R45 000 – R280 000 component depended

I recommend consulting us for an accurate quote.