PROSTHETICSProsthetics are medical devices and components replacing a body part. As Prosthetist we are trained to design, manufacture and fit prosthesis to replace a missing body part as a result of an amputation.

Why Choose Us?

  • we have a passion to see amputees reaching their full potential,
  • we have many years of experience,
  • we use all of the latest technology,
  • we offer ongoing after fitment service,
  • we make sure your prosthesis is functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

New Amputee?

If you’re a new amputee (or a friend or family member), you have many questions.
What happens next? What can I expect? Can I resume activities I used to enjoy?
Allow us to ease your mind, download our guide on what you can expect and how to deal with the challenges you will overcome.

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Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Upper Extremity Prosthetics(From the waist up) People born without an arm or hand, or those who experience an upper limb/extremity amputation, are missing not only a limb, but also a sophisticated tool for daily living. We focus on the unique needs of each individual, bringing them the latest technologies and clinical techniques. Selecting and learning to use a prosthesis can be a major challenge. Our specialists make facing this challenge a little easier with a comprehensive program that addresses each person’s functional, psychological and occupational needs.

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Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Lower Extremity Prosthetics(From the waist down)The most important goal of your entire treatment – from the rehabilitation to the fitting of your prosthesis – is to restore your mobility. Orthoworx Orthotics & Prosthetics through its core values of Quality, Care, Service & Expertise sets out to provide you the amputee with a prostheses that will enable you to achieve your goals and meet your every day needs. Because even if your life will change in many regards compared to before, in the future you can go back to leading a very active and mobile life.

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Prosthetic FAQ’s

We have answers to questions like “How soon after an amputation can I get a prostheses?”, “Does it hurt wearing a prostheses?”, “How do I know what prosthetic components would suit me best?” and “How much does a prosthesis cost?”.

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Fitting Process

Initial Consultation with ProsthetistIn order to give you a functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing prosthesis there are a few steps that must be followed. These steps are specific to new amputee’s and are not specific. Ideally contact us or a prosthetist for specific and detailed information.

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Prosthetic Financing

Lower Extremity ProstheticsCovered By Your Medical Aid. Orthoworx Orthotics and Prosthetics is registered with all medical aids that cover O&P products and services. We are also offer prosthetic finance to ensure that you, the patient are able to get the prostheses that equips you to live the life you want to.

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