Mastectomy Products

Orthoworx Orthotics & Prosthetics understands that each woman who goes through a mastectomy has unique concern and lifestyle needs. That’s why our post mastectomy fitters offer patients caring, individualized and private service in fitting breast forms and bras.

We provide woman with a service & products that will:

  • Restore Femininity,
  • Install Confidence &
  • Ensure Comfort

Your First Visit


Before your first visit, you will need a prescription from your general practitioner, surgeon or oncologist should you wish to use your medical aid. (Also remember your medical aid card & ID Document). Our general recommendation is to come in for your first fitting two to six weeks after surgery. But recovery varies for each woman, so consult with your surgeon or oncologist. You will be measured and correctly fitted for a breast form and you will also discuss options for bras with the fitter. It will probably take one or two visits to ensure a good fit. Your breast form and bra may also need to be custom ordered, unless it is an in-stock item. Orders typically arrive with in 2 weeks. Then you will return to your fitter every one to two years to be refit unless you experience significant weight loss or gain or there is damage to the breast form.

​The Process Of Getting Fitted

MastectomyA certified mastectomy fitter works closely with each patient to find the right size and style of post mastectomy products and bras that will restore a natural look and project a positive body image. In addition, today’s mastectomy bras are very fashionable and comfortable.

Recent advancements in breast forms include lightweight styles for leisure and sleeping, waterproof forms for swimming and others that are made for athletics and a vigorous lifestyle. Our post mastectomy fitters are eager to show women how attractive they can be with the comfort and protection of the right breast form and bra.

Guide For First Time Patients

​What is a Breast Form?

MastectomyA breast form or external breast prosthesis is an artificial breast form that can be worn after a mastectomy.
It helps balance the body and keeps the bra on the side of the mastectomy from riding up, which helps prevent back and neck pain and a sagging shoulder. Breast forms are made from safe materials that approximate natural tissue. They are similar in color, weight and texture to a natural breast and are contoured for a supple and natural-appearing silhouette.

A breast form is vital to restore balance to a woman’s body, to maintain shoulder posture, to add comfort and to enhance appearance and self-esteem. Establishing proper fit also is important for good respiratory function.

The choice of a breast form is determined by:

  • the type and extent of surgery,
  • the person’s skin condition,
  • the weight of the form,
  • lifestyle demands and comfort.

Product Brochures

We stock a wide range of Anita products, view our brochures below.

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